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  • Find your immediate gardening community by clicking on the shaded area you are, or would like to be, gardening in.
  • Identify the garden resources near you by clicking on the balloons nearest you.
  • Start networking with your gardening community by contacting gardeners nearby!
    • Trade compost.
    • Set up a seed swap.
    • Make some of your yard available to land-impaired gardeners nearby.
  • Get yourself on the map! Send us an email including the letter/number of your map garden zone (e.g. west Fort Collins is A4 & C4), and preferred contact information.
  • Add your garden resource. We would love to add your community garden, greenhouse, landscape supply, educational space, etc. to the map. E-mail us with the name of your establishment and address to find out how!
  • Would like to attend workshops, Farmers Markets’, and other gardening activities? Check out our Home Grown Food Gardener’s Calender to get connected to the broader gardening community here to support you!
  • Join our Google Group and get access to regular information, updates, and connect with other community gardeners.