Lasagna Gardening Materials

By Robert Howard

This illustration is a cross section view of what a completed Lasagna garden might be made of. The basic principal is to use alternating layers of “Brown” and ”Green” organic materials. Brown materials are high in Carbon. Green materials are high in Nitrogen. Brown layers need a good watering and are made 3-4 times deeper than the Green layers. (The one exceptions is Peat Moss. As a Brown layer it need only be 1” deep.) Ideally, the bed will be built 18“ to 24” high.

Don’t worry if you do not use all the materials shown. Work with what you have, but remember each Brown layer is followed by a Green layer. And do not forget the first layer is always wet cardboard or a thick layer of wet newspaper.

Other materials you might want to purchase and add to the bed are bloodmeal, alfalfa pellets and bonemeal. These materials are applied sparingly. Also, if you do not have any compost available that can be purchased as well.

Note: Earth worms love Lasagna Gardens., “Build it and they will come” or add some to the bed. Worms will multiply, cultivate and enrich your Lasagna bed.