No Dig / Lasagna Gardening

By Lauren Dittman

No-Dig Beds, Lasagna Beds, Compost Beds…. whatever you call it, this method is excellent for creating a quick, thick garden bed of humus-laden, water retaining, nutrient-rich, organic soil for your vegetables.

Use this method to amend current beds (and destroy the weeds that are taking them over), fill new garden boxes, or experiment with inviting rainwater into your landscape.

The steps are easy enough, and there is a plethora of resources, including this great 2 page article compiled by Bob Jones (PDF).

Basically, rather than trying to amend the dirt you already have on your property and adjusting for all the deficiencies abundantly inherent in our high plains desert (which takes years), you are starting with a bed made up only of the good stuff.

You make this “good stuff” soil by composting it right where you want your bed to be out of materials from the neighborhood. However, since you’re eating out of this compost pile, you want to be selective about the materials you put in.

Click here to download the complete ‘No Dig’ article (PDF).

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