Permaculture Design Course

Fort Collins Area Permaculture Design Course 2011

Garden Herb SpiralMarch 12‐20th & 25‐27th Daily 8:30am – 6pm
At Raindrop Retreat in Bellvue, CO

Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association and Home Grown Food are thrilled to offer a 12‐day, intensive Permaculture Design Course certification near Fort Collins.

This well‐rounded permaculture course is an excellent opportunity to build community and get your heart, hands and head engaged in learning how to design sustainable communities and systems
through permaculture ‐‐ an ecological design system inherently rooted in nature and applicable virtually everywhere: gardens, homes, businesses, communities, and relationships.

Permaculture teaches the language of nature, how to communicate within the systems we depend on, and how to redesign them with innate intelligence that supports life and abundance. The full certificate course, led by seasoned permaculture instructors, is offered over 12 days in northern Colorado at the mouth of the Poudre River Canyon. This site is located on 30 acres, offering numerous hands‐on, practical how‐to’s, for course participants. A greater consciousness of the interconnectedness of human life with the environment is the next great learning curve that we are all a part of.

Raindrop Retreat Bellvue

Raindrop Retreat Permaculture Project

Course Program broadly covers:

  • Permaculture design principles & installation
  • Organic growing methods (vegetable gardens, herbs, animals, fruit)
  • Rural land management (orchards, pastures, trees, water systems)
  • Ecological building, ‘waste’ recycling & renewable energy systems
  • Sustainable community design
  • Wildlife habitat & degraded land restoration
  • Wild craft & nature connection

Registration in advance at
Cost: $950 registered and paid in full by Jan. 20th ‐ $1200 after 1‐20‐2011

Permaculture Credit Union: offers loans for students who wish to take a Permaculture Design Course and cannot afford the program  fees. Call 866‐954‐3479 to talk to a credit union representative or apply online at: